Wednesday, August 25, 2010

There are one million and one “Reagan Republicans“¸ but where are the “Lincoln Republicans“?

There are one million and one “Reagan Republicans“¸ but where are the “Lincoln Republicans“?

7:21 pm-est, Tuesday, August 24, 2010 in the year of JESUS CHRIST ALMIGHTY!


Daniel Benjamin Orris of Pennsylvania

When I heard a quote this evening of a political candidate calling himself a “Reagan Republican“, I was reminded of that now common phrase used more as political subterfuge or chicanery, rather than containing any genuine meaning.

The unfortunate reality is, it seems, many otherwise Conservative voters are being deceived into supporting moderate Republicans who appeal to the Tea Party by using phrases such as “Reagan Republican“ and now near hollow planks like “smaller government“ and “less taxes“; akin to what happened in Massachusetts with the deceptive Rep. Scott Brown.

These and many other phrases and words have lost their meaning, some never even having an honest meaning to begin with.

Unfortunately, the late former President Ronald Reagan has become the go-to figure of moderate Republicans who employ the “Reagan Republican“ title in an attempt to gain popularity among Conservatives, fellow moderate Republicans and Tea Parties.

His face is seen on tee shirts, bumper stickers and an assortment of other novelty items.

Ronald Reagan was considerably the best president of the 20th Century, but in my opinion not the best Republican president.

The designation of “Best Republican President“ is reserved for the first Republican president, Abraham Lincoln.

Abraham Lincoln seems to be a forgotten figure.

The utmost of all post-founding U.S. presidents, Abraham Lincoln fought for a national end to slavery, acknowledged the Christian heritage of the U.S.A. and began a new era of civil rights that only ended when the Democrats regained control of congress almost two-decades later!

In my opinion, it seems honorable men such as Abraham Lincoln, Alexander Hamilton, Fisher Ames and even George Washington are being forgotten by Americans who choose to remember a more recent political figure, Ronald Reagan.

The term “Reagan Republican“ seems to have come to represent a moderate Republican than anything Ronald Reagan stood for.

Nevertheless, if presented with a choice, I would rather vote for a “Lincoln Republican“ than a “Reagan Republican“; even if they are both true to their name.

Without disrespecting Ronald Reagan, Abraham Lincoln was a better president; he did more for this country.

Conservatism in the United States Of America is still a ways away from being near to that of our fore-fathers, I contribute that to the lack of genuine Conservative leadership and organizations.

Without a doubt in my mind, two of the most popular icons for Conservatives and Republicans in the U.S.A., Fox News & the Tea Party along with individual “leaders“ being Sarah Palin & Ann Coulter among others, are really destructive moderate Republicans that humiliate the party name.

However, I believe if Conservatives and Republicans in this country are gave a choice between so-called “Reagan Republicans“ and “Lincoln Republicans“ (meaning genuine Constitionalists instead of moderate Republicans), the latter will be chosen.

Sadly, it appears that the U.S.A. will have to wait at least another election year until “Lincoln Republicans“ begin to appear on a mainstream level.

As we all should, I Praise and Thank JESUS CHRIST ALMIGHTY LORD GOD and SAVIOR! May HE Bless these United States Of America!


Daniel Benjamin Orris of Pennsylvania

11:08 pm-est, Tuesday, August 24, 2010 in the year of JESUS CHRIST ALMIGHTY!